Why Is Merch By Amazon The Best Compared To Other POD

Print-On-Design has many advantages: minimal overhead, no merchandise stocked, and zero-to-few upfront costs. Revenue may not be consistent, but you retain a large portion of the earnings you do receive, which is huge. Also, return on investment (ROI) is not an immediate necessity. These are some the reasons why so many POD suppliers pop up on the market each day. 

Amazon is no exception. As a whole, the reach for customized novelty items (which defines print-on-design) is an organic business concept. In generic terms, consumers look for these products - businesses don’t need to “peddle” them. 

A great majority of the sellers using Merch by Amazon sold generic T-shirts as a beginner. It was an incredible swaraj into the market until developers could no longer monetize the apps because competition became too great. 

At first, using these shirts combined with the gaming industry proved exceptionally profitable to both the developers and Amazon. Still, now space is crowded with those holding a tech or entrepreneurial background as a way to supplement income. Straying from mere t-shirts, sellers have branched out their product lines to include: 

  • Tees
  • Hoodies
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Raglans
  • Sweaters

Benefits Of Merch With Amazon

The new Amazon FBA seller still starts with t-shirts as a relatively simple segway into the business medium. Amazon gives priority to its own listings, for which Merch is a primary resource. 

While the seller is responsible for designing the item for their Amazon business, the establishment takes care of every component of the sale. 

The idea that these products have more significant promotion over others ensures a high sales rank, which has a comparison to using a top-rated seller chart. The least number equates to the best sales. 

For those diminishing their rate down to the #1 slot, there is more focus placed on that person. Selling those products becomes easy when the rank goes down and maintains. It’s critical to vary the listing or to design comparable listings to achieve the same standing with each upgrade.

Disadvantages Of POD As Compared To Merch By Amazon

There are quite a few disadvantages from run-of-the-mill POD and Amazon. For these reasons, Amazon proves a better option for print-on-design with its simplistic business concept.

  • Quality Control: For a business owner selling their products through what ends up being a third party, quality control is an unknown. Shipping and handling are out of your control with these outside resources assuming processing and being able to determine delivery times.
  • Competitive: There is a surge of entry into the POD market with requirements being so few and new businesses popping up every day. Even though Amazon is truly diligent with its promotion efforts, competition is fierce, making it a necessity that you find a way to stand out.
  • Mock-ups: No one sees an image of these products unless you go ahead and purchase a sample of your piece. You receive a simulation, but this is not a true representation of the final product making listing on your personal website an issue.

Merch with Amazon couldn’t follow more different guidelines from these types of business models, and it’s advantageous to the seller. You not only have access to Amazon’s organic traffic, but you have the organization’s guarantee for priority placement among the three marketplaces run by them.

Your primary requirement is to submit a design and price point while Amazon does everything else. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren't any downsides, or you’re free to merely sit back and wait on the money to roll in. It can prove grueling with incredible highs and lows.

For instance, you might believe you have reached the top of your success level as far as growth potential. But each time you achieve a new tier, you will be on a frantic creative brain meltdown to develop a design to prevent those slots from being empty. And if you’ve made this your career, you might need to work around the clock.

Why Go With Merch By Amazon

Using the POD concept  as a trusted online plan as with Ktnine, is not only a powerful move but a lucrative business scheme in today’s market. 

Amazon offers several business models, all of which are popular, some risky, some not-so-much. 

It is a quick and easy method to start your own business from scratch and a method for branding your products. Regardless of which niche you choose, you know it will have a full promotion on Amazon, and it’s the ideal way to create a POD product portfolio.

The cool thing is that without a worry for stocking, logistics, and most common business requirements, your Merch account has the capacity for passing on to someone you’re close to after you move on with little hassle. You can’t say that about other POD models.