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5 Tips on Choosing Merchandise: What Should You Sell?

When it comes to merchandising, it seems like everything is already for sale.  If you want to try selling Amazon merchandise, what should you sell?  It is important to focus on your end goal, which is making money from Amazon merchandising.  Here are five tips for choosing what merchandise to sell online. 1. Ignore your own biases If you are going to sell Amazon merchandise, it doesn't really matter if you think the product is cool.  Sure, you can sell products that you like, but don’t make this a priority.  You don’t want to pass up a good opportunity just because you think, “I would never buy that.”  There are other target markets and demographics besides the one that you...

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How to Price Your Amazon FBA Merchandise

When selling through Amazon FBA, you need to decide how much to sell your products for.  There is a lot to consider when making this decision.  You don’t want your Amazon merchandise to be so expensive that most customers turn to your competition for better prices, but you also need to make money.  Here is what you need to know about pricing when it comes to Amazon merchandising. Think About ROI No matter what you are selling, you are going to have to invest some money into that product up front.  Someone has to make the Amazon merchandise.  You obviously need to make at least the cost of your investment back when you sell your product.  If you sell the...

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Build a Branded Merchandise Store with These Steps

Building a branded merchandise store all on your own seems like the impossible dream. But Amazon has made way for anyone ready to take on a new occupational journey to gain sales and visibility. One of the best tools available from the online merchant is the Amazon Store. It is a miniature website for the brands that are featured on Amazon Marketplace.  Each store features several pages for content and also has internal links along with other features. Users even have the option to display ads for their Amazon Store on social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook. They can then use an Amazon tag to help keep track of their overall return. These essential tools are helpful for...

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