How to Improve Your Designs for Your Amazon Business

An estimated 55% of all online product searches originate with Amazon. In 2019, this retail giant did billions of dollars worth of sales. This should come as no surprise seeing as there are more than 54 million Prime members, which is millions more than the population of Spain. What this means is that Amazon isn’t going anywhere. 

With these facts in mind, it’s clear to see why you’ll want to start selling merch by Amazon. Part of doing so means having great, eye-catching designs so you don’t just attract traffic, you convert it as well. There are many tips out there that will help you do just that, but these tips are the ones worth paying attention to:

Create a Title That Pops

The first thing you read on an Amazon merchandise page is the product title. This can make or break your business because the title helps people decide if they’ll even continue reading about what you have to offer.

Make sure your title provides enough information for them to make a sound decision regarding your product. You don’t need to write a paragraph here nor do you need to use emojis. Simply create something clear, easy to read, and enticing.

Use Bullet Points

Bullet points, a.k.a. “Key features,” are the next place that most people will look at on an Amazon merchandise page. Use this section to help people figure out right away whether the product is what they’re looking for. Just like with the title, you don’t need to write a paragraph here, but provide just enough information to help someone decide if this is the right product for them.

Don’t Overlook the Photos 

As an Amazon FBA seller, you’re allowed to show 7 to 9 photos on your page. You’ll want to take advantage of this option and show various angles of your product. Step up your game even more here by showing pictures of it being used in real life. Make sure that all the photos on your Amazon business page are clear, easy to understand, and rich with information. You should also make sure to include any variations in color or size in the pictures you put on your Amazon FBA business page.

The pictures you take here are just as important as the words you write. Some may argue that they’re even more important because your main picture shows up in the listings of merch by Amazon. This is why it should be your very best picture, shown on a purely white background.

Close the Deal with Your Product Description

Once you manage to get your buyer past the title and the key features sections of your Amazon business page, it’s time to create a product description that closes the deal. The best way to do so is to use the product description section to write about how the buyer will feel or what they’ll experience when they do buy the product for themselves. 

This is also the time to share any important last details about your product. Include any important facts that help you stand out from the competition. You want to make sure that your merch by Amazon is different from all the rest so that by the time someone finishes reading your page, they know how it’s different.

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