Build a Branded Merchandise Store with These Steps

Women learning how to set up her merchandising store

Building a branded merchandise store all on your own seems like the impossible dream. But Amazon has made way for anyone ready to take on a new occupational journey to gain sales and visibility. One of the best tools available from the online merchant is the Amazon Store. It is a miniature website for the brands that are featured on Amazon Marketplace. 

Each store features several pages for content and also has internal links along with other features. Users even have the option to display ads for their Amazon Store on social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook. They can then use an Amazon tag to help keep track of their overall return. These essential tools are helpful for those who want to be an Amazon merchandising pro.

Setting Up Your Amazon Store In 3 Simple Steps

Creating a place to sell your merchandise online doesn’t have to be a struggle. To set up your Amazon Store, you will need first to create a professional seller account and have a registered brand that is in the Amazon Brand Registry. Then you will need to follow these steps to build your store to its full potential.

Create Product Pages

Having optimized product pages will help you be a successful seller on Amazon. When you have optimized content, you will have access to the tools you need to get your products in front of interested consumers. Highly effective product pages will have a title that contains search terms of high value. Most categories allow you to use 200 characters for the title, so try to use as many as you can.

Bullet points are also essential to your product page. Each bullet can have up to 255 characters. Focus on the strong aspects you want to get across about your product. That is what many sellers will look at first when browsing your pages.

Every product page should also have a minimum of six images. Nine is the optimal amount. All registered brands have the option to add short videos as well, which can be especially useful, depending on what you are selling.

Use Brand Analytics

Many resellers use third-party resources and tools to gain insight into Amazon’s sales, search engine results, and conversions. Unfortunately, most of these tools will only provide you with an estimate. Now Amazon offers real data for all registered brands with its Brand Analytics.

Amazon’s Brand Analytics provides sellers with information on the top search terms. That gives sellers insight on what the most popular products are and what most consumers are looking for. You can also find out customer demographics for your products such as age, education level, gender, and more.

Make Use of Amazon Ads

Amazon has recently enhanced its ad platform to now include three types of ads. Their sponsored product ads help to point shoppers in your direction whenever they are clicked.  These ads are set up using an automated tool that allows brands to target advertisements for more visibility and improve sales. These ads can take a shopper to a product page or a branded storefront. These ads can even retarget shoppers who clicked a product page either while on or off of Amazon.

Get the Gear You Need to be an Amazon Merchandising Owner

Nine University has all the courses you will need to help you get started with your Amazon Store. Once you are enrolled, it is time to get the gear for the full effect. Visit our website for KT Nine merchandise to encourage you along your journey. And be sure to check out our informative videos for more details on how to be a successful Amazon seller.