Amazon FBA Selling Tips: How to Prepare for Black Friday

Laptop and Black Friday Sale sign

If you have recently started your journey as an Amazon seller, you may be looking forward to the busiest time of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The holiday season is one of the most critical times for all Amazon sellers. And it can be overwhelming for those new to the Amazon merchandising process.  

Why It’s Important to Plan Ahead for Black Friday 2020

Black Friday and the entire holiday season is a critical time of year for online sellers, but 2020 could prove to be one of the most important in recent years for Amazon and other online platforms. With COVID-19 still making headlines, more people will be doing their holiday shopping online than ever before. Therefore, if you sell Amazon merchandise, you will need to be sure you have enough inventory to fulfill your orders throughout the end of the holiday rush.

Many consumers will reduce their overall spending this holiday due to the economic strain the pandemic has caused. But even those limiting their shopping will likely turn to online resources like Amazon for their gifts and other necessities this holiday season.

The Effect of the Increase of Online Shopping Has on Amazon’s Inventory

Those involved in Amazon selling need to have a solid plan to stay on top of the increase in demand and ensure their shipments are sent out on time. That will help make sure inventory will be available for their customers during the various upcoming shopping events and sales.

Because of the strain with receiving inventory during the holidays Amazon has experienced in the past, the company created a Holiday Selling Data Guide for all FBA sellers in recent years. Although they haven’t created a data guide for the 2020 season, there are resources available online to help new sellers learn more about these essential selling tactics.

How to Prepare for Black Friday as an Amazon FBA Seller

You should take specific steps before the 2020 shopping season to ensure you and your online store are prepared for the road ahead.

It’s important to review your inventory storage limits first and determine how much inventory you can send to Amazon at once. Then you will need to order enough of your products to meet the demand of your customers. Take a look at how your sales have been since the beginning of COVID-19. If you have sold more merchandise since the start of the pandemic, chances are your sales will increase in the weeks to come.

You will need to make sure you ship out all your inventory by the critical dates. Currently, it is suggested that Amazon sellers ship out their merchandise by November 5th if they want everything to arrive in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Once your items have been shipped to Amazon, it is time to optimize your product listings. Check for any issues with keyword or photo optimization and adjust if necessary. Then you will need to optimize your PPC campaigns. Make sure your ads are always running before, during, and after the big sales. You should notice a significant increase in customers around the time of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

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