5 Tips on Choosing Merchandise: What Should You Sell?

Woman working with her merchandise

When it comes to merchandising, it seems like everything is already for sale.  If you want to try selling Amazon merchandise, what should you sell?  It is important to focus on your end goal, which is making money from Amazon merchandising.  Here are five tips for choosing what merchandise to sell online.

1. Ignore your own biases

If you are going to sell Amazon merchandise, it doesn't really matter if you think the product is cool.  Sure, you can sell products that you like, but don’t make this a priority.  You don’t want to pass up a good opportunity just because you think, “I would never buy that.”  There are other target markets and demographics besides the one that you are in.  You aren’t in merchandising to buy, but to sell.  This means thinking about what other people might want.

2. Think of the customer

In the world of Amazon merchandising, it is all about the customer.  What are most people searching for these days?  What makes a product jump out to a potential buyer?  These are the kinds of questions you need to consider as you decide what Amazon merchandise you are going to sell.  Your product should have a target market that is not too specific.  If you try to sell a very niche item, only certain people are going to be interested in it.  Your best chance for making money lies with products that appeal to a large number of people.

3. Research, research, research

Never underestimate the importance of product research.  It can be tempting to just purchase merchandise on a whim before looking up anything about it.  Do not do this.  It’s a great way to lose money fast.  Instead, look at how similar products are doing already in Amazon merchandising.  Are a lot of customers searching for them?  Is there room for more on the market?  You need to have a plan before choosing your products.  The last thing you want is to be stuck with boxes of merchandise that no one wants.

4. Have a plan for differentiation

If you list a product that is already for sale on Amazon for the same price, you are leaving it to chance that a customer will choose your product over the competition.  That is not what you want to do.  Your Amazon merchandise needs to stand out in some way.  This does not mean offering the item for a lower price, either.  Instead, you should have a plan for every piece of merchandise you buy to differentiate it in some way.  Are there already tons of blue lights for sale?  Offer a mixed set of blue and pink.  Is everyone selling six-foot charger cords?  Sell twelve-foot cords.  Selling a product that is popular and distinct in some small way is a sure way to bring in customers.

5. Don’t focus on one product

Some people stress too much about choosing the perfect piece of Amazon merchandise.  They want one miracle product that will make them into a millionaire.  It is unlikely there’s one thing that will do this.  Instead, focus on a variety of products.  Don’t pick up so many that you overwhelm yourself, and be smart with your choices, but sell multiple products at all times.  Many little things are often better money makers than one big thing.

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