5 Benefits of Selling Merchandise on Amazon

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When people begin to research their options for selling products online, many are amazed to find out how many choices are available. And although there are advantages and disadvantages to each platform, it is safe to say that Amazon is one of the best options for people new to selling online merchandise.

The Benefits of Having an Amazon FBA Business

The setup process for starting an Amazon business is simple. The company takes care of most of the problematic issues, allowing you to make more money with less effort involved. If you are interested in becoming a seller through Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Merch by Amazon, here are a few benefits to consider.

Great Potential for High Sales

When you list your Amazon merchandise to sell, you can access the online retailer’s millions of dedicated customers. The company sells over 2 billion items on average each year, and over 40% of all products sold on Amazon are from independent sellers using the FBA or Merch by Amazon platforms. Sellers should choose to work through Amazon because they can reach out to hundreds of millions of customers at any time they list their products.

Earn Repeat Customers with Minimal Marketing

When you use a standalone ecommerce platform such as Shopify, for example, you may end up spending thousands of dollars on marketing efforts. And if your marketing skills aren’t that good, all that money could go to waste. With Amazon, you already have access to a strong customer base that is incomparable to any other standalone platform. Amazon has always been known for getting repeat customers, mainly because of their excellent customer service and support.

No Packing or Shipping to Customers

When you are an Amazon FBA seller, you never have to worry about packing or shipping your products out to customers. With Fulfillment by Amazon, the company fulfills the order for you and takes care of all shipping processes. All you have to do is send your inventory to a nearby Amazon warehouse. Once a product sells, they will take care of the rest, including any return or refund requests.

Reliable Back-End Support

Amazon’s reliable back-end infrastructure has everything a seller needs to conduct its business. With features such as credit card processing, sales tax collection, and inventory tracking, sellers have instant access to an array of helpful tools and resources. If you currently use a standalone site for your selling, you will be surprised at how much simpler it is to sell through Amazon FBA.

Easy Referrals

Amazon’s high-tech algorithm allows customers to view a list of recommended products while they are browsing. It is quite possible that your product may be featured. That makes it much easier for you to catch a potential customer’s attention without a lot of effort. Amazon also has a big network filled with affiliates who can help point customers to your products by featuring clickable ads on their websites or blogs.

There are plenty of perks associated with becoming an Amazon FBA seller. Along with being one of the best options for new ecommerce sellers, it is also an excellent experience for customers because they get the products they want from an online retailer they can trust.

Learn How to Become a Top Amazon FBA Seller

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